1. Democratic #pennsylvania Governor #TomWolf attended this secret summit two years ago. His name is listed. Please read. The theme was titled The #Resistance.
Secretive Liberal Donor Summit Increases Security, Changes Itinerary Following Free Beacon
3. 2017 The documents are all here. You can see for yourself  https://www.scribd.com/document/364654492/Democracy-Alliance-Fall-Investment-Conference-Agenda
4. At this summit, "They put great emphasis on Democratic leaders, including #pennsylvania Governor #TomWolf, to further politicize election reform, #guncontrol" and #climatechange
10. Advertising is everywhere in #Pennsylvania now to push mail in ballots. & help prisoners to VOTE
#ElectionFraud #Election2020 #BallotHarvesting
14. There you have it. #pennsylvania is now running ads promoting "Historic election reform". Soros  #Resistance Summit agenda item being played out now under #COVID19.
18. Monroe county PA needs to be added to the Judicial Watch list. Major voter irregularities reported AND MONROE WAS ONE OF THE FIRST COUNTIES LOCKED DOWN TOO. See story in post 16.

Voter registration irregularities reach Monroe county in PA  https://www.poconorecord.com/article/20081019/news/810190338
20. #tomWolf #pennsylvania
is taking it2 another level. He instructed state nursing homes to take in "stable" COVID19 elderly.
24. It's now May 19, & PA Health Department continues to inflate the Coronavirus numbers. We know this thanks to an honest public servant in Armstrong County.

Armstrong County Coroner's Office Claims Pa. Department Of Health Coronavirus Data Is Incorrect  https://cbsloc.al/3cLrJ1w#.XsPUygD7W7I.twitter
32. Masks = political theater
~~ #tomwolf #pennsylvania
34. Why does #Pennsylvania Lt Gov #JohnFetterman have a hammer and sickle on his Twitter profile?
The answer is: He’s a #Communists.
It’s just that they’re usually not so blatant and obvious about it. His blue check mark is right there next to his name. This is HIS profile
35. The hammer and sickle are, indeed, symbols of Communism. But the United States and, specifically Pennsylvania, isn’t Communist or Socialist or Democrat Socialist or whatever else they try to call it.
36. So, maybe instead of asking “Why does #JohnFetterman have a hammer and sickle on his Twitter profile?”, we should simply ask, “Why is John Fetterman still the Lieutenant Governor of #Pennsylvania?”
37. Fetterman & wolf = #communists & puppets of china
38. Why is #tomwolf featured on this image? Wolf surely OK’d his photo being on Fetterman’s profile image, so Wolf is obviously OK with being shown next to the hammer and sickle, the symbol of the Soviet Union and the symbol of Communism.
39. This should concern every Pennsylvanian. It sure as heck worries us.
40 . Wagner had the #pennsylvania governor election. It was #georgesoros who FIXED the election so #tomwolf could convert our swing state into a #democrat 💩hole.
41. #tomwolf is found on @SecPompeo s list of governors who sold their states out to china.
Looky here👇👇
Pittsburgh was sold out to the united nations
Strong city. The year wolf got in https://twitter.com/PhennommANON/status/1286673488623931392?s=19
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