People are allowed to be both in favour of doing whatever it takes to stop this pandemic AND devastated at the idea of another full lockdown. They’re not mutually exclusive. Some people didn’t even receive social welfare when they lost their jobs last time. Some people live
Totally alone. Lockdown is much higher stakes for some people than it is for others. Please stop saying shite like “look I know lockdown is boring or inconvenient but...”
I was furloughed at 12 hours a week during the period where I would normally work double my usual hours to save up for the quiet season where there’s shag all hours going. I didn’t qualify for the covid payment. Not the end of the world but still fucking shit. I’ll never get back
That lost earning period. My boyfriend, as everyone is probably sick of hearing me say, was totally abandoned by the state and denied any welfare whatsoever. He will be in the same position again. This is a nightmare. And that’s just us, there’s loads of other
People in worse circumstances. Please stop patronising people. I still think that this is probably for the best and basically the only solution right now but I’m also allowed be tearing my fucking hair out at the thoughts!!!
What I’m trying to say is that I am not opposing us going into another lockdown I am just sick of the way people talk about it as if it’s some little introvert holiday. Maybe people are just trying to be positive and not a massive downer like me. I don’t know.
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