5 October 2020 #MAGAanalysis Analysis

Victory or Defeat - They Psyop Continues

I had the great pleasure of being on a conference call run by Trump's Campaign Manager Bill Stepien and joined by Eric and Lara Trump this past Saturday afternoon. They did a tremendous job.
2) By the end of the call there was no way to disbelieve in Trump's overwhelming advantages and momentum. They gave us facts, which I'll share in a moment. Before I do I have to return to the Psyop we've discussed previously. They key thing to watch is your own emotions.
3) No kidding, when I so much as glance at the headlines at Drudge - which takes up less and less of my time anymore - I feel as if I were being pelted by tomatoes and cabbages. There's no chance, none at all, the headlines scream, cutting past my logical mind to my emotions.
4) It is now a long history for me, that the Psyops we're hit with, hit our emotions, not our logic. Don't get me wrong, logic can be fooled. That something is a Psyop does not mean it's wrong. Biden may win, as the ongoing Psyop is forcing down our collective gullet.
5) Let's look at the facts on offer from the teleconference I participated in. The most emotional claim made was by Eric Trump who told us he'd spent a 1/2 hour with his father just before joining our call, and that POTUS was in great spirits, high energy and ready to conquer.
6) Hand in glove with that information, is a current commitment by the entire Trump Clan to Travel & Surrogates. The entire Trump family is on the road, doing events, ready for any coverage they can find in getting the word out. Eric was very strong. As was Tara.
7) They both emphasized the Warrior Spirit of POTUS and how they see it everywhere they turn. We have a motivated, enthusiastic support base. I believe it was Eric who told the story of a volunteer with the goal of completing 75,000 calls, who requested that he be her 75,000th.
8) Lara stated the unlimited support for their father. The warmth, love, dedication and fighting spirit for America were profound, deep, and obvious to anyone paying the slightest attention. For Lara Trump there is no other outcome, Trump wins, that's it.
9) Bill Stepien is Brad Parscale's replacement as Campaign Manager. If a single encounter can tell, my response is that yet again, @realDonaldTrump has found himself a stellar voice in @BillStepien. Both @EricTrump and @LaraLeaTrump gave Bill their unqualified support.
10) Bill speaks in a clear, calm voice. He's got great pacing, not too fast or too slow. He's insightful, open, and an obviously passionate leader. His most important theme was our ground game. This is a huge story, just not being told. Bill told us Biden's just got started.
11) We have the largest ground game in American history. We've been at it since 2016's election confirmed the unity between Trump and the RNC. Well, we essentially got started back then. Over the past 2 years our effort has been in full swing.
12) Early in the call, Bill shared with us what he calls the Grass Roots Advantage. The most powerful data he gave us that last week, when Biden's ground game was struggling to get started, we achieved 2.4 million doors knocked on and over 5.7 million outreach calls.
13) I couldn't believe my ears. Biden has no ground game strategy. Trump has the greatest ground game in history. I'm not able to verify these data, myself, but they were convincing on their face. My term Biden is that he is a Plastic Candidate. It is the Psyop he runs by.
14) I believe that in addition to a leaning toward media spend and high level power structure playing, Biden and team suffer what we may term the Clinton Faith. We can add Obama as well. They each deserved the presidency, they believed. Deservingness is the only requirement.
15) Here's an example of the use of polling to express that deservingness. This is the headline:

"Nearly 3 in 4 think Trump did not take appropriate virus precautions: POLL"

And note: "The results come via a new ABC News/Ipsos poll."
16) And the bottom line?

"This ABC News/Ipsos poll was conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs‘ KnowledgePanel® Oct. 2 to 3, 2020, in English and Spanish, among a random national sample of 506 adults. Results have a margin of sampling error of 5.0 points, including the design effect.
18) 506 adults. Well, they did use a random national sample. So...

This reflects America, does it? Well, it's got a margin of sampling error of 5.0 points, including design effect.

Do you hear that? Design Effect? Not only is that a thing, they're admitting to it. Wow!
19) This just means that they obviously know how they designed their own poll, and that their design entails, along with sampling errors, a self-proclaimed 5% margin of error.

Wait, wait, that's virtually equal to Dornsife's Insignificant Difference range. Fascinating.
20 And the sample design is...wait for it...

Democrats - 30%
Independents - 37%
Republicans - 25%

And again, this with just 506 adults, saying nothing about likelihood of voters, or even being registered to vote.
21) I'd discuss how laughably ridiculous all this is, if it weren't part of the greatest Psyop in American political history. Fraud, extortion, these are legal terms. But not being a lawyer, even I can see that we as a people are being defrauded and extorted.
22) As I spend less time at Drudge anymore, I find it hard to watch political new at FOX. Like Trump, I am grateful to a strong handful of major talents, loyal to Trump, and loyal to the sanctity of their calling. But I often see even them falling prey to this Psyop.
23) If you followed my thread from 3 Oct an extensive discussion - it's a 72-tweet thread - of how even my beloved Dornsife Poll has fallen to the will of its overloads at the LA Times. https://twitter.com/ThyConsigliori/status/1312352005546008576?s=20
24) So what to do about all this? Find a friend or loved one whom you TRUST. Discuss this Psyop and its implications in both of your daily lives. Build a Psyop Detector into your mind and heart, and share it with your friends. The answer to Psyops is the truth.
25) My bet's on a speedy recovery and a swift return to his full capability. The October surprise I'm calling for is that Trump is the Unity Candidate and that he already has a plan for dealing with COVID. It will shock the world when this Psyop breaks and fails.
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Victory or Defeat - The Psyop Continues
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