Clearly fooling people with lies but people no longer are falling for any political gimmicks in Punjab. People have boycotted all political parties alike. INC is hand in glove with centre when it comes to these 3 laws. Here are five things you need to know about INC role in bills
1. Rahul Gandhi in his manifesto of 2019 has declared that he will abolish the Mandi system altogether. He said that there would be no Sarkari Mandis if he comes to power. Interestingly he thinks he will do away with all the bills if they elect him to power in 2024
3. Amarinder singh already passed the bill on the likes of Farm Bills in Punjab even before centre announced the farm bills. Captain has promised to scrap those bills after getting called out recently by SAD. Not that SAD is holier than Congress.
4. Under the guise of Farm protests, Captain has made it mandatory for Combine owners to install a device to cut stubble. 400 combine owners are protesting & no one hears them out. The device costs 1.5lacs & is not even useful as per combine owners as it doesn’t uproot stuble.
Captain govt has said that they will be given subsidies on it but none of the people who installed it last year have received subsidies.
The protests have intensified because a fine of 50,000 will be imposed for those not having this device. This will catch fire in coming days.
5. Last but not least, Would Rahul care to tell the SC ST people why their scholarships were eaten up by Sadhu Singh Dharmsot and why Captain gave him a clean chit.

Please stop fooling people! Please!
Captain made a memorandum on 28th Aug in session to be submitted to Parliament to consider the bills before passing them. Interestingly the memorandum never reached Delhi. It is eating dust in Chandigarh. Captain has no answers on why this was not sent. It indicates complicity
Captain promised the farm unions that he will declare Punjab as one Mandi in his last meeting with 31 Farm unions. He promised them that his legal team would be filing a petition in SC against centre’s laws. Interestingly none of that has taken place & all onus was put on Rahul.
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