Brace yourself, because you won't believe this, I know:

The press is LYING about @realDonaldTrump!

You've been shaken to your core by this revelation, right?
Tim's right about the photos.

Unprocessed White House photos are gigantic.

The White House releases them and lets the press resize them as needed.

So the timestamp means nothing. It's from when the AP processed the images and reduced them in size.
"Dexamethasone is a corticosteroid that suppresses the immune system, helpful in the later stages of severe COVID-19 when that system can go into overdrive and attack the lungs, but potentially harmful in earlier stages when the immune response is needed."
It took a Trump-hating leftist from Mother Jones to tell the truth about Dexamethasone.

This is the 122nd result in my Google search.

Page 11 of 18 pages.
"As regular readers know, I take dexamethasone—aka the Evil Dex—twice a week as part of my treatment for multiple myeloma. The side effects are different for everyone, but they run the gamut from bad to hideous."
"I’ve gotten a lot of queries about why President Trump’s doctors would give him such a terrible drug unless he was in seriously poor health. The answer is simple: in general, the bad effects of dex only show up after you’ve taken it for a few days or weeks at least."
"If you take it only once or twice, it reduces inflammation like any good corticosteroid but most likely doesn’t have any seriously ill effects."
"So that’s that. Giving Trump a dose or two of dex is a pretty easy decision: it’s helpful for people with temporary breathing problems and is generally well tolerated in short courses."
Kevin Drum HATES Trump, but he can't help telling the truth.

Trump is 74 years old.

The doctors say he was given supplemental oxygen, so to ease the burden on his lungs, they're giving him individual doses of dexamethasone to reduce inflammation.
I was given morphine for two separate acute gastritis attacks that made me feel as thought I'd swallowed razors blades and broken glass.

Morphine is heroin.


I must've been nearly dead!

No. Just in massive pain.
Kevin Drum led me to THIS:

@notcapnamerica is another idiot.
If the White House had used the morph cut feature, they would've COMPLETELY REMOVED THE MOVEMENT IN QUESTION, leaving no trace.

THAT is what the morph cut feature is for.

It seamlessly blends edits.

And this isn't a cough.
You don't cough through tightly clamped lips.

It's a suppressed belch.

Dexamethasone can produce gas as a side effect.

AND AS ALWAYS, the Twitter detectives can never answer this simple question:
If Trump is on his death bed, why are they producing videos that people with a room-temperature IQ can see right through?

Because the Twitter detectives on BOTH SIDES OF THE POLITICAL AISLES have room-temperature IQs when it comes to these types of conspiracy theories.
Trump has access to technology that can de-age him, remove ANY issue with his voice, and eliminate all belches.

Why haven't they used it?

Maybe because everything being said is an unbroken series of hallucinations.

Let me tell you something, Twitter detectives:
If someone with Trump's power wants to hide something, it stays hidden forever.

Take it from somebody who spent six years digging into hanky-panky on a level that would blow your two-volt chicken brains.

There are people who can makes the CIA and FBI run in circles.
Guess what it takes?

A thorough knowledge of bureaucracy.

That's it.

Once you learn how to navigate bureaucracies, you become invisible.

You can do anything you want.


They're all equally vulnerable.
"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."


In the bureaucracy, the infiltrator is king.


Look up "strategic deception."

Trump is a master.
He's infiltrated the bureaucracies of American politics and sending you people on unending wild-goose chases.

You're uninformed, so you fall into every single trap set for you.

I can't get enough of it.

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