I still don't understand why some Nigerians, especially Northerners likes treating politicians as demi-gods. Some respects, honours and fears politicians more than their parents that actually sacrificed everything for them. We have the worst sets of leaders that rapes the country
Blind. These people steals monies meant for hospitals, boreholes, pension and other critical areas of civilization, yet! Some people literally worship them. Look at the Scandinavia and other prosperous and happy nations, people in such countries respects and adore their
Politicians because the politicians serves the masses with the best of their abilities. Police, teachers and Bin men are highly respected and highly regarded, because they're simply professional in their conduct while discharging their duties to the public. The public has no
Choice than to respect them. Here in Nigeria, reverse is the case, politicians and service men are self centered, they operates with no regards to the public, yet the politicians and some stupid masses feels like the politicians are actually doing us favor by mis-ruling us.
I've said it times without number. If a someone doesn't like criticism and insults, such person should retire from politics and stay in his house. You don't get to eat, drink and ball with premium babes on our money and expect us to be praising you or keep shut. No one is
Indispensable, no one is doing us favor by mis-ruling us. If you cannot take the heat, leave the damn kitchen.
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