JDU won 71 seats in 2015 elections while RJD won 80. Nitish becomes CM, dumps RJD & joins BJP (53 seats) to become CM again.

Now, BJP maybe sending LJP alone on JDU contested seats & this may be a maneuver to undermine Nitish. Wonder what ex-JDU leader @PrashantKishor has to say https://twitter.com/ANI/status/1312711260450942976
In a scenario, BJP ends up winning substantially more seats than JDU does (owing to LJP), wouldn't they demand the CM post? We all know how it went about in Maharashtra?
If the RJD-INC coalition ends up having enough seats like the NCP-INC coalition, Nitish still wont be able to join them like Shivsena, given the backstabbing of the last assembly.

In the event of BJP winning significantly more seats than JDU, Nitish is in a lose-lose situation.
Tough one to call for amateur political observers but one of the two sides has Ram Vilas Paswan's backing and we all know his record of predicting election outcomes accurately. Gets interesting. Either Nitish survives this or his career is practically over. Big elections for him.
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