For @RealDavidRace

Your inarguable points prove one thing about @realDonaldTrump:
Obviously Trump is so frigging tough that he doesn't NEED antivirals or internal organs.
As for the rooms not existing in the hospital, here's Walter Reed.

You tell me where Trump was.
On the other hand, the Presidential Suite or Ward 71 has six rooms.

Find me photos of all six.

It's funny that you people always bitch about "conservative conspiracy theories."

Look at THIS happy horseshit.

"He's just signing his name to a blank piece of paper!"
See, in photography, there's something called "contrast."

The photo is VERY high contrast, which causes the midtones to disappear.

When we create a color negative, we see that even Trump's NAME is almost gone.

The text on the page is invisible due to the high contrast.
By reducing the contrast as much as possible for this particular image, we make details begin to emerge.

For example, Trump's signature is now more visible, as is the low-tack tape and colored tab put on the document to tell Trump where to sign.
I can debunk whatever you psychos excrete.


I debunked enemy propaganda for a living, sonny.

You people are rank amateurs.

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