Oh y'all like Hannibal begging Will to come don't mind if I do!!

It almost exclusively happens when Hannibal tops. When Will is inside him, he's just as gluttonous and hedonistic. He would happily consume Will in whatever way he could for hours, the whole night, the whole day. -
But when he's inside Will, when he has Will pinned to the bed, or in his lap riding him like he would rather be nowhere else, the most beautiful work of art Hannibal has ever had the pleasure of witnessing, he can't help himself. He needs it, more than the animal lust, and the -
desire to have Will clench around his cock, to hear him moan and see how his eyes shine in post-orgasmic bliss. It is deeper than that, the need to know the primal satisfaction of pleasing his mate, to know Will is here, with him, wanting him, desperate for him. Relishing -
Hannibal like a feast made just for him to consume at his leisure. And Will doesn't go slowly, either. He's a wild, unhinged creature in their bed, or in the study, or laid out on the altar of their dining table. His claws, his teeth, the way he arches and moans and clings with -
everything he has. Hannibal has never known desire, love, intimacy like this. He feels like he sees the heart of Will, the red center of him, a hue that perfectly matches the skin of his own monster. He needs it, more than food or air or sunlight.

Will's self control is -
impeccable and maddening and fills Hannibal with awe. Will doesn't come until he's damn well ready no matter how hard or how well Hannibal fucks him. Will begged for Hannibal, once, and now he lives a life of reckonings where he begs right back.

And he does. Happily. Readily. -
He whispers praise to Will's neck, clutches his hair and his hips, his strong thighs, nails in the space between his ribs. Begs, soft 'Please's and mumbled half-English declarations of how beautiful Will is, how much Hannibal loves him. How much he wants to please Will, to -
satisfy him. And when Will finally, finally, opens his eyes and looks at Hannibal and pulls him in for a kiss as every inch of him goes tense and clamps down hard, Hannibal loses everything that separates himself from his mate. They blend, merge, fall together. Hannibal devours -
Will's whimpers, as Will swallows his own groaned sounds of relief. Still, this ravenous thing that loves him so much, clings to him and begs for more. Hannibal must give it, on pain of death, or worse, separation.

He could not survive that. Thankfully, he will never have to.
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