When some dalit youths were humiliated at the gate of a temple in Meerut by a man from upper caste, @SanjeevSanskrit’s team went there to hold conversions with villagers & concluded it with a samuhik havan with participation of all castes. I wrote about it https://swarajyamag.com/politics/in-the-very-temple-they-were-denied-entry-dalits-perform-havan-say-wont-convert
When top management of IIT Kanpur was hesitating to release the report on whether its SC faculty Dr Saderla plagiarised in PhD, I raised this issue that had been sitting on it for months.

The report, that gave clean chit to Saderla, was released next day https://swarajyamag.com/politics/accused-of-plagiarism-iit-kanpurs-dalit-teacher-who-faced-caste-discrimination-wants-final-report-out
Just some of the stories where I not only reported about UC-on-SC cases but brought about action. This is for those dimwits and propagandists who are targetting me over Hathras

Repeat after me: Questioning narrative in Hathras case does not automatically make one deny casteism
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