Haryanvi is not difficult. If you speak Hindi with a Lathi in hand, it is Haryanvi. https://twitter.com/deadpoolkapapa/status/1312960059559809024
Haryanavi means simplicity, honesty, hard work and valour. Haryanvi language has humour. Only they know how to laugh.
Haryana faced all the invasions. They have great tradition of army. Bhiwani is India’s Boxing capital. Haryanvi may not have all the courtesy and sophistication. Have you ever heard of a Haryanvi guard running away with Bank’s money ? Never !
Haryanvis never cheat. They never go back on a word given. They live and die by their word. They have a great sense of justice. If you have dispute with a Haryanvi, you ask his father to be the Panch. I promise he will be fair.
Haryana is an advanced state. Even fifty years back, every village in Haryana had power. Every village was connected by road. Every village had school. Nobody sleeps hungry in Haryana. Our people are so generous.
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