A Story of Bravery and Sacrifice-

In Year 1756 Ahmed Shah Abdali issued an order to his troops to Burn whole country between Agra and Mathura and SIaughter everyone.

His soldiers attacked Mathura and for 7 days they massącred, The water of Yamuna turned red with blood.
They decap!tated sanyasis and bairagis, defiled them by tieing their heads to cows. Whole city was getting destroyed, looted.

Then -

4000 Naga Sadhus arrived, to save the city and temples.
These Sadhus were extraordinary, they were Brave and strong, even without proper armour and weapons they would defeat the enemy, earlier that year army of 5000 Mughals Ran away scared of Afghans, but Not Sadhus, they fought the enemy.
In Mathura these 4000 Sadhus descended upon soldiers of Abdali, they were like living incarnation of death itself, the soldiers of Abdali ran away and the Sadhus were able to save the city and Deity at Gokul.

2000 of these Sadhus Sacrificed their lives.
Bharat was saved by many many such sacrifices, each and every inch of our country tells story of such sacrifices.

So those who glorify invaders are actually mocking sacrifices of our ancestors.

No, invaders don't have any right over India. This is our land.
Source- "A history of Dasnami Naga Sanyasis"
- By Sir Jadunath Sarkar
Download this book from here https://twitter.com/subhra2jyoti/status/1312996449202782208?s=19
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