1. So as we start a new morning and after listening and reading about the Hathras incident on TV and here, the questions on my thoroughly confused mind are:
* Was the girl in Hathras raped by one man?
* Or was she gangraped?
* Or was she raped at all?
2 * Was her tongue cut off? If so, how was she speaking?
* Was her family paid off to make a case?
* Or did they fake it to claim govt relief?
* Did Yogi buy their silence?
* Or did Oppn buy their voice to blame the govt
* Was the family present at the girl's cremation or not?
3. * Did the police forcibly cremate the girl or did the family grant permission?
* Why has no journalist grilled the brother more?
* Did Rahul Gandhi really fall or did he fake it?
And lastly, why Hathras and not Ajmer, Balrampur or so many others?
Convenience or Expediency?
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