*READ FULL* This thread is about the ongoing conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over Artsakh/Karabakh. If you don't know, I'm Armenian. 99.7% of Karabakh's population is Armenian, and they have been living there for thousands of years. (1/)
I can't /exactly/ explain the history of all this but I know the basic idea. Armenia: I guess it's theirs, historically, and they don't like it being official Azerbaijan territory. (2/10)
Azerbaijan: (I guess basically) The land belongs to them officially, but Armenia wants out.
There has often been conflict between the two countries even when there wasn't supposed to be.
I've noticed that the majority of people, Azerbaijani or not (but not Armenian), (3/10)
...are against Armenia, saying that they'd better stop crying and get off the land. I didn't know so many people agreed. "AZ AZ AZ AZ" is spammed on every Armenia/Armenian Genocide-related video I came across, if it even has comments enabled. There have been (4/10)
...accusations of Armenia teaming up with terrorist organizations in this war.
People also say that Armenia started the current war, or just everything in general.
Some say the Armenian Genocide never happened.
I don't know much but I highly doubt all of this (5/10)
...especially the thing about genocide. Heck, even Obama said it happened (though I don't believe many politicians use the word "genocide" in this case).

This all *feels like* (NOT is, in this case) an encouragement to be ashamed of my nationality. (It isn't working) (6/10)
I feel so bad for Armenia (not for myself). They've been mistreated for a long time, and even after they got their rights back it's just been war every x years. I've heard people my age go to war there. I don't know if this is also true for the Azeris' side. (7/10)
I must acknowledge the fact that they have their reasons to believe that Armenia bad, Azerbaijan good, and I respect that. It's natural to support your nation... just don't (8/10)
...hate the innocent people that live in the other country. I'm sure there are friendly people in Azerbaijan, and if you're one of those people, hello! I hope you're doing well during these times. (9/10)
If you happen to be Turkish or Azerbaijani and you don't like what you hear, well, let me tell you that I don't like what I might hear from you either. But, despite my feelings, I do respect it.
Just no unnecessary aggresiveness or violence. (10/10)
I mean no offence to anyone by posting this thread.
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