They own whatever happens:

So, a couple of notes before I say the incredibly inflammatory things I'm about to say.
1) China=Covid 2) China=BLM 3) China=Cyber Assault on 911 systems (twice) 4) China declared a "Peoples War" on the US in 2019. 5) Biden=China.
What is the US response for a Biological Attack?
What is the US response for a Directed Cyber attack on critical US infrastructure?
What is the US response for a Foreign Gov sponsoring Insurrections/Revolution within our Borders?
At the start of this election cycle, after impeachment failed the Democrats had 2 options to get rid of Trump & to cease power. 1=War with China 2=Civil Unrest. It was part of the 1st "War Game" they had that spawned the Transition Integrity Project. Obviously the chose #2.
Does any rational human being believe that GOP Senators, Potus, & his entire "Brain Trust" all come down with the China Flu by accident? Given that they've burned our cities, assassinated Trump Supporters & Federal & Local Police, burned down over 400 homes(arson)....
It is entirely plausible that this event was intentional. Here's how you do it. They only check temperatures for admittance. Take Motrin to keep the fever down, and go to the event. If early enough in the China-Flu it would work well enough to get someone infected in.
4 years ago this would seem like an outrageous claim. A "dare I say it?" A Conspiracy Theory!! Tell me truthfully, do you think they'd do it? He has Secret Service protection for a reason. It's not as if we haven't had Presidents Assassinated & a few attempted assassinations.
Seriously folks, this is where we are at as a society. In years past, the fact that this could be even a remote possibility would spur an investigation. Security protocols would change. Now, Meh it's just Trump. After what we've seen over the last 4 years they wouldn't care.
So, what's in this thread the Press owns. Lock Stock & both smoking barrels. Should the @Potus succumb to any illness or complication, they will own the reaction of the public. The same goes for when they pull the post-election bullshit discussed in @McAdooGordon thread.
The public at large, needs to be ready to put a stop to this. We are doing it peacefully now. Voting, showing our support, and more importantly our restraint at responding to the lawlessness & the feckless responses from our elected officials. But the limit has now been reached
There is a better than an outside probability that @POTUS was intentionally infected. Put on your "Red-Hat" & that possibility can't be dismissed. The Press & the Marxist left own what comes next. Seat the damn judge, elect the President as we have for over 240 years.
We will not go gently into that Good Night. For those that have read my thread you know I have cautioned restraint. I've encouraged people to contact officials & write letters & above all vote. I still believe that is what should be done. But the Marxists w/ the help of the China
Have declared War on the people of the United States. They will attempt to take over this country by ANY means necessary. We need to be prepared. Vote. We need a landslide to avoid violence. We need a landslide so that we can at least salvage 4 years of our choice they denied.
We need a landslide to save our Country. That isn't just a "trite" saying. If they succeed in pulling off what they've done, with no opposition up to now. Then it's just over. What comes next will be a horror show. Our kids deserve better than that. We deserve better.
Do you trust the Press or the GOP to call it fair on election day? I damn sure don't. I've driven across most of the East Coast, I counted in the last month 5 Biden stickers (plates were all in DC) & 1 yard sign. No way he looses. So, Pelosi & the Marxist are setting us up.
No more pissing around with their stupid narrative games. If the GOP doesn't grow a spine, & the Dem's pull this shit off. The world will never be the same. They should know better. We will not go gently into that good night.

Just sayin.
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