If this doesn't make it clear to all the scolds, all the whiners who think "science" takes sides, nothing will:


Not a morality play.

It doesn't care if you wear a mask (maybe a properly fitted N95, but you're not wearing a properly fitted N95)...
It doesn't care if you blow up your economy. Or build ventilators you don't need. Or test college students it can't hurt. Or put up signs. Or hire contact tracers whose calls don't get answered.

IT'S A VIRUS. A STRAND OF RNA. That's all. And not even a very dangerous virus...
Not to most people. LOOK AT THE AUTOPSY REPORTS, OKAY? LOOK AT THE DEATH DATA. If you are very old, or very sick, or very unlucky, you might die from #sarscov2 - or lots of other things. But otherwise, you won't.
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