I have a story for you. About what happened to some of the flowers and notes left for RBG.

Everything left in front of the Supreme Court was saved, but anything left on the opposite side of the street, towards the Capitol, fell outside the purview of the Supreme Court police. https://twitter.com/dylanewells/status/1307779995402743817
On the last night of the viewing, my friends @LindaLarsonKemp and @haljil999 asked the police what would happen to those flowers, notes, and other items left on the opposite side of the street.

The police said there was nothing they could do. The items would be trashed.
Well, that wasn’t acceptable. Linda and Hali, along with their new found friend Reggie, leapt into action.

They worked until 4am saving everything they could, carefully archiving the drawings & notes and loading the flowers onto Hali’s truck.(Photos provided by @LindaLarsonKemp)
The idea was to donate the flowers but some were getting old and it just didn’t work out.

What do you do then with a truckload of flowers dedicated to RBG? How do you dispose of them in such a way that honors her memory?

We sent them down the Potomac.
And yes, I know flowers should not be brought to a Jewish funeral or viewing but we still had to honorably dispose of the ones that were there.
This was not an easy task. Each bouquet had to have the cellophane, rubber bands, and anything else that wasn’t biodegradable removed first.

@LindaLarsonKemp called me to see if I could help. As luck would have it, I was already near the Potomac, just further up the river.
Myself, Linda, Hali, and her friend Anna worked for over an hour prepping the flowers.
The view we enjoyed while we prepped.

And this was along with the patriotic and opera music Linda had playing. I think you can imagine the scene.
As we prepped the flowers, we ran into two sisters, Esther and Annie, and their children.

We explained what we were doing and they joined in to help, with their kids climbing into the back of the truck to speed up the offloading of the bouquets.
With us losing light fast, we placed the flowers in the Potomac in two groups. This was the first, with the children doing the honors.

Everytime they threw a flower in the water, they said something about RBG. Like how she was kind or fought to make people’s lives better.
And here’s Hali preparing the flowers.
Once it got too dark, my phone couldn’t take pictures.

But Annie’s phone could and she’s an excellent photographer. Check out her Instagram page.

We tried to do right by RBG and I think we succeeded.

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