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on october 4th, 1 civilian got killed and 4 civilians got injured as the result of the missile strike by the Armenian army on dense residential areas of Ganja, the 2nd largest city of Azerbaijan, 60 km away from the Armenian border, which also damaged houses
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here are more pics of the damage they caused
Karina Grigoryan, 77 year old ethnic Armenian woman who lives in Ganja. she is one of the injured victims, she got help by young citizens of Ganja
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2 children got injured, a boy received a shrapnel wound on his head
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the Mingachevir Dam is the largest hydroelectric power station in the South Caucasus. Armenia has been threatening to bomb it for 30 years.
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today, a missile fired by Armenian forces landed in a close proximity of an energy block in Mingachevir. the missile didn't explode, preventing a disaster.
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this would have led to a catastrophic aftermath, and resulted in flooding of not only the Absheron region, but also the whole region of Caucasus and caused to millions of deaths
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Ganja was shelled again, central market among targets. seems like Armenia wants to provoke Azerbaijan to attack back the locations where the rockets are launched from — Armenia, so they can have legal excuse to get Russian army involved.
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this whole thread explains what armenia is currently doing. please don’t ignore this and stay silent https://twitter.com/lextalioner/status/1312336558616383488
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