BBC devotes almost the entirety of its front-page Karabakh conflict report to the single strike on Ganja today. Meanwhile, Stepanakert shelled nearly continuously for the last 48 hours.
Yes, Ganja was fired upon by Armenian/Karabakhti forces today. Yes, it seems a civilian died. But good God, the picture painted by these two pieces, that 'oh and by the way Stepanakert was hit,' is completely divorced from reality.
There are few journalists who have been able to make it into Stepanakert - we've been kept out past three days owing to how intense the shelling is. But you can look at the footage from @sashakots and 'WarGonzo' on Telegram or @IgorZhdanovRT here to see what it's like. Unceasing.
Here's a sample, a fairly unspectacular strike by today's standards, of cluster munitions raining down on a random neighbourhood:
I'm noticing quite a bit of traction on these tweets - which is great. But very little of it so far has been from Western media and observers. This is not some bias. This is an objective telling of what's going on in Karabakh today, and the framing in these pieces ia terrible.
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