Dr Michael Siegel, an eminent German Jewish lawyer, bruised, barefoot, trousers ripped, marched down street by Nazi ‘brown-shirt’ police 10th March 1933.

The sign says ‘I am a Jew, but I will never again complain to the police’.

A ‘do-gooder’ lawyer.

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Dr Siegel went to intercede on his clients behalf , a one Herr Max Uhlfelder, Jewish owner of Munich’s second largest department store that bore his family name .

The day before its windows had been smashed and he arrested .

#DoGooders #RuleofLaw
Hans Litten's demolition of Hitler's argument that the Nazis were a peaceful, democratic movement earned the lawyer years of brutal persecution.
He was among 1st of the fuehrer's political opponents to be rounded up after the Nazis assumed power.

#DoGooders #RuleofLaw
Be under no illusion , when Priti Patel speaks of #DoGooders she means lawyers who will defend you ; she means international law that protects us ; she means Rule of Law .

Be very scared . When the #DoGooders are gone , there will be no one left to protect you .,

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