I see the @THEHermanCain account is being upbeat about Trump's health. The tweets this account issued about Herman Cain's illness are a useful reference point, both describing one person's course of treatment, as well as public messaging about it. Thread. https://twitter.com/THEHermanCain/status/1312444689279184898?s=20
Cain tested positive on June 29, and was hospitalized a few days later on July 1. He was reported to be resting comfortably and was not on a respirator. https://twitter.com/THEHermanCain/status/1278735184893009921?s=20
The account continued to be very upbeat about Cain's condition, stating that he was "making progress" on July 5. https://twitter.com/THEHermanCain/status/1279920774023913473?s=20
And "kicking COVID-19's ass" https://twitter.com/THEHermanCain/status/1278735828907220995?s=20
We now know they were not telling the truth -- Cain was transported by ambulance and his family and friends knew immediately that he was in serious danger.
Still, the upbeat assessments continued. On July 10, the account tweeted: "Make no mistake: He is improving! https://twitter.com/THEHermanCain/status/1281666308791250947
There was a carefully worded tweet on July 15 that shows a hint of concern, but it also has a light-hearted anecdote about Cain's desire for a Snicker's bar. https://twitter.com/THEHermanCain/status/1283431847268163585?s=20
On July 27, the account issued a trio of upbeat assessments-- admitting that progress is slow but "He really is getting better, which means it is working." https://twitter.com/THEHermanCain/status/1287819711863042048?s=20
One of those July 27 tweets, though, did concede that Cain was receiving oxygen. https://twitter.com/THEHermanCain/status/1287819710025916417?s=20
The statement about Cain receiving oxygen was an understatement. In fact, Cain had been on and off a ventilator during his hospitalization.
In fairness, the doctors apparently remained hopeful that Cain would recover until close to the end. According to the people around Cain, he just never seemed to recover fast enough.
We can't infer the course of Trump's illness from Cain's of course. But remember that one possible outcome is a long, drawn-out illness marked by repeated upbeat public pronouncements that are a mix of genuinely hopeful signs, wishful thinking and outright spin.
Which is pretty much what Trump's doctors are admitting to doing. https://twitter.com/kaitlancollins/status/1312784745143697408?s=20
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