Four pieces of information in that briefing: a) Trump's fever was "high" b) Trump's lung scans show "expected findings," unclear what that means but c) Trump is on a steroid the WHO recommends only for "severe and critical" COVID cases and d) Trump's oxygen lvls dropped again Sat
Conley says fever is gone now. He says president not on oxygen right now. The new information is important. Could they be reacting overly cautiously because he’s potus? Maybe but that steroid use in a 74 year old man w breathing probs is a flag and fever can be lowered w medicine
Also - this is a virus that bounces around in terms of good days and bad days till its conclusion, like other viruses, as Conley acknowledged. Unclear what factors they’re using for possible discharge.
And one other point - steroids for lung performance have unpleasant side effects, like irritability and mood swings.
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