My favorite wedding so far! Esok kita upload full, pelamin diorang LAWA GILAAAAA 😍
Fatihah & Asrizal • 031020 • Ijok, Hulu Selangor

Ayuh kita mulakan thread ini ye rakan-rakan. Kita mulakan dengan pelamin yang sungguh klasik, di dekorasi oleh @miedazzle (IG) 😍
Orang-orang kuat di sebalik tabir 💪🏻

Kalau nak gambar full coverage, memang kena book dua shooters so that every moment could be captured!
Stunning make up, and well dressed by our talented MUA, @amallina_mua ♥️

MUA : @amal.leyna (IG)
Dress by : @QayRahman / @thalia.atelier (IG)
The details of the beautiful wedding dress, white will always be the colour 🤍

Dress by : @QayRahman / @thalia.atelier (IG)
The solemnization, full of emotions.
Here comes the bride and groom!
The handsome groom!
The stunning bride!
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