mark looking tiny compared to his members: a thread

#MarkTuan #마크 #GOT7 @marktuan
fetus photos
the way his sleeves completely cover his hands🥺
he is the smallest
this iconic markgyeom hug where they just fit in each others arms perfectly
he just curls into Jinyoung’s side🥺
leader + eldest
Youngjae’s arms wrap around his waist so easily
peak baby energy
Mark and Bam look so tiny I can’t-
Youngjae please protect him
gyeom’s little hyung
Jaebeom’s broad ass shoulders
petition for Mark to always stand next to Yugyeom
little baby closed his eyes when they hugged
Jus2 sandwich
I can hear his little giggles🥺
size difference hello
airport markgyeom
Jinyoung really likes having his arms around Mark...
the little head pat I’m-
end of thread,, conclusion I love Mark he’s so tiny also stan GOT7 for clear skin
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