1/ A former friend who has joined the Washington "just following orders" crowd is horrified that we're hitting Jason Miller.

I asked him which of Jason's admitted actions -- the prostitutes, the strippers, skipping child support, etc -- he'd like to defend in public.
2/ "Well, I can't. You know I have to work in this town. Besides, he has a family."

Me: "He has at least two families, one to whom he's refusing to pay child support."
3/ The broader conversation was telling. A guy in the business who bent the knee to Trump feels the campaign is out of control (and I have better visibility into their ops and it's even worse than he thinks) and losing.
4/ He still can't understand why the @ProjectLincoln founders burned our boats and give no fucks. It's the DC mindset writ large. "Go along to get along" turned out to be a slippery slope. Dude, we're liberated.
5/ If you're protecting Jason Miller to "get along" you've lost your moral compass in a fundamental way.
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