On the one hands, lives, on the other, maintaining all of the defensive barriers of the class structure ("the economy") and actually reinforcing them... it's a tough choice, you see!

The rabble has been dying of viruses for thousands of years! https://twitter.com/WillBlackWriter/status/1312751560502530052
Let's #GetTheVirusDone in the sense that the faster 1% of the rabble dies, the faster this marketing threat, this visibility of the cruelty of the class structure, of imperialism and of capitalism, can go back in hiding.
Capitalism wants its herd immunity and you're standing in the way by saying that 1% rabble deaths isn't acceptable. You're some entitled communist SOB
Let's get this virus done killing all the people it is meant to kill (as far as capitalist logic is concerned) and get back to not seeing capitalism.

Lives are not more important than the invisibility of the capitalist process. Wake up to the real world.
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