(This is a thread tweet) As the main BMC cast member (the one everyone remembers), and the only cast member from BMC UK still working within the franchise I will address the rumors of a fake BMC account. There is only one official BMC account which is @OfficalMbc
@OfficalMbc can be identified by its verified 7. There are several fake accounts (which I won’t name as I don’t want to give them the attention they strive for). They use a rubbish emoji to emulate being verified, but are not really actually verified by Twitter.
If you are unsure whether BMC news is real or just fake news. It can be checked by visiting the @OfficalMbc account. Once again that is the @OfficalMbc account.
Also to address the rumours of a possible DVD box set, this is untrue. However, there is a possible laser disk box set, which could come out in the future. Until then all seasons can be streamed on Gisney+, along with all new episodes of BMC USA every arriving every Mon-Thurs
This thread is to make everyone aware that I am not happy with silly decisions being made without me. And I don’t like not being in charge, so any decisions made without me are fake news too. Thanks, all the best, Best.
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