. @ava's heart is in the right place. She cares deeply. Her life's work is about creating spaces and stories for Black people & POC to be seen with depth and complexity. I adore her fierceness & tenderness. She's a woman, trying her best to share her art & activism...
I understand the rage against that horrible man. His presence in the highest office of our country is truly a tragedy, with real impact-- people have literally died because of his negligence. I wish those people, those souls, were still on this Earth. He did that.
I've been seeing a bunch of mean-spirited, and downright hateful tweets toward Ava. Her words definitely have power, influence. But she's a person, and it's gotta hurt reading those things. One definitely has to has to develop a thick skin to move confidently in this industry...
I appreciate Ava's light, and hard work, and her passion to keep going and empowering others. Speaking up, sharing your truth, isn't always an easy thing. And it's human nature to stumble at times.
I'm not sure how to end this thread, but @ava keep being you. You art & activism matters. 🎥💙
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