PM to Marr: “EU needs to understand we utterly serious about controlling our own laws/regulations..and repatriation of fisheries”

Marr: in any way worried about no deal in mid of pandemic?

PM: “I don’t want Australian WTO outcome particularly...
But can more than live with it”
Might be a tell there in terms of PM’s instinctive first answer to the prospect of No Deal mid-pandemic, though he went on to say we’ll prosper etc...

Rest of interview message very clear - going to be bumpy as regards pandemic restrictions for months to come.
Other notables from the interview, answer to Marr question on whether Eat Out to Help Out spread the virus:
PM: “Insofar as that scheme may have helped spread the virus then we need to counteract that...”
also PM said the spike in official cases yesterday to over 12000: “Reason for that was that there was a failure in the counting system that has been rectified”...
Interestingly PM also cited Regeneron (experimental antibody cocktail given to President Trump under compassionate use having only been tested on 275 people) as one of the reasons things should change by the spring
Also PM clearly on a mission as regards obesity/ generally and interaction with pandemic: “when I got this thing alas I was too fat” and says this is a “teachable moment” for the nation that “obesity is one of the problems this country needs to address”.
Also no mention of the October 15th “deadline”...
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