(he texts lwj. lwj brings him breakfast in bed. best boyfriend ever? best boyfriend ever.)

(he also texts jiejie. she apparently /already knows they’re dating now/ because /lan zhan told her/.)

(at least it’s a surprise when he tells wq. he does not mention the pneumonia.)
the next week, as soon as wwx is given a clean bill of health, he rushes home and knocks frantically on lwj’s door. (or, as much as he can rush, since he still feels pretty tired. it’s a work in progress.)
lwj, expecting him, opens up wearing possibly the cutest tshirt wwx has ever seen. (lwj wears tshirts?! apparently!? and they have bunnies on them!?!)

he pulls wwx inside, looks him in the eye.

(yep, wwx is going to be a puddle on the floor by the end of this.)
and then lwj kisses him.
right on the mouth.
and he smiles when he pulls away (‼️) and strokes wwx on the cheek (‼️‼️‼️) so tenderly wwx is preeetty sure he’s gonna cry maybe.

lwj’s smile is the most beautiful thing he has ever seen in his life.

“come on,” lwj says after a couple more kisses. “i made you lunch.”
wwx is going to cherish this man for as long as he possibly can. for all of his remaining time.

❤️💙 the end. 😌
this was my first 'happy end' sickfic ever! whew. what a tense but sweet little ride!!

thank you so much for reading! I appreciate all the comments and likes and qrts <3 you guys are so lovely and supportive. 😘😘😘
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