1/ đŸ§”[Thread] Medical reports of Hathras Victim

As per an exclusive story by The Wire, which claims to have accessed MLC (medicolegal certificate) report of Hathras victim.
2/ The MLC report has date of 22nd Sep, which states that victim gave statement regarding vaginal penetration.

As we know so far, first FIR on 14th sep did not mention rape and only mentioned one accused.
3/ On the second statement from victim, taken on 21st sep, victim first mentioned about rape. This MLC report is thus from 22nd sep.
4/ In the concluding remarks, doctor wrote "there are signs of use of force", however, "opinions regarding penetration intercourse is reserved pending FSL (Forensic Science Laboratory) report"
5/ As per ToI, the FSL report, that came on 2nd October mentioned that "no sperm or ova were found in the samples collected from the vaginal swab", on basis of which it concluded that rape is not confirmed.
6/ However, since the samples were taken on 7 days later of the incident (when the rape was first mentioned), many people cast aspersion on this logic to deny rape.
7/ As per the new Indian express, victim's autopsy report had mentioned presence of "multiple old healed tears of hymen along with blood clot".
8/ It also mentions the cause of death as "injury to the cervical spine (neck) produced by indirect blunt trauma and its resultant sequelae"

Many believe that hymen tear could indicate the presence of vaginal penetration. However, this is not confirmed in the report.
9/ It's also important to note that the report mentions "old healed tears". The hymen can tear and heal from other physical activities apart from intercourse.

This is mostly every information we have so far regarding various medical tests of victim from Hathras.
10/ None of them have conclusively confirmed rape so far.

Questions asked by many:

when victim was in such a traumatized condition, why wasn't her test for any possible sexual assualt done at the beginning?
11/ Why the samples weren't collected on first day, even though she didn't mention rape, wasn't it the duty of police and doctor to look at that angle too, especially knowing that many do not report rape due to societal taboo.
12/ Can absence of semen in samples collected 7 days later prove the absence of rape?
13/ MLC report (source: TheWire)
14/ why did I quote the wire?

I did not want to quote TheWire as they have low reliability but since they mention this as exclusive story, I had to take MLC report image from there and thus, had to quote them.
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