Wanted to do this zoo-specific challenge but passed out as soon as I got home from work the past three nights & haven’t had time. However, I caught up tonight (but sketched em real quick so they’re real crappy)
Day 1 is groom
Penguins remind me of grooms, as in bride & groom so
Day 2 is crepuscular, meaning active at dawn and dusk. I love going to silver lake I’m big cottonwood canyon in the evening because I almost always see a moose or two! They browse for grass and pine cones and their antlers can be up to 6 feet end to end!
Day 3 is endangered. Both species of elephants are considered endangered, with poaching being the biggest threat to African elephants and habitat loss the biggest threat to Aidan elephants. It is estimated 96 elephants are killed every single day in Africa for their ivory+
You can help by going to http://96elephants.org  and taking the pledge to never use ivory or buy ivory products #endextinction
Day 4: parents
I immediately thought of penguins because these birds, typically monogamous, both take part in raising the offspring. They’ve also been known to foster chicks of other mating pairs. Gay penguins have fostered and raised chicks before 🐧 💛
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