Armenia is at war with Azerbaijan and nobody is talking about this please interact with this in some way possible so that more people see this.
open this thread for more information:
Azerbaijan is trying to steal terretory from Armenia, specifically Nagorno-Karabakh and seven surrounding districts. And Turkey is also siding with Azerbaijan.
They are bombing small villages and already 200 young teenage soldiers have died, families are torn apart
and the numbers are only growing faster and faster.
Armenia is a country with a population of 3 million and Azerbaijan of 10 million, since Turkey is also siding with them they have a population of 90 million.
that means 30 times bigger armies!!!
there is no way that we are
going to win this war through violence, so PLEASE bring awereness to this.
Turkeys goal is to "extinct every Armenian" THEIR MINISTER LITERALLY SAID THIS!
if they are going to invade Yerevan (the capital of Aremenia with 2.3 million people) so many people will die, Azerbaijan
loves torturing people. and if Armenia will put down their weapons their will be another huge genocide (there has already been one where the turkish killed 1.5 million Armenians).
we need all the help we can get because families are being destroyed, young boys are killed and
Canada is also taking side with Azerbaijan because of the money.
So much more is happening so please inform yourselves more then only this thread.
thank you for reading all of this <3
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