It's important to see how Indian newspapers reported the #HathrasCase. Newspapers shape the perception of people than any other media in this country. I will post the front page of papers I read. Could you also join?
Malayala Manorama, Alappuzha edition and The Hindu, Kochi edition.
The Telegraph, Calcutta edition.
Dainik Jagran, Lucknow edition
Divya Bhaskar, Gujarat.
Thank you @CongressPutra Ji!
Gujarat Samachar
@CongressPutra thank you!
Gujarat Mitra
@CongressPutra 🙏
Gujarat Guardian
@CongressPutra thanks a lot
Dinamani, Chennai edition.
Thank you @Swaminathan1911
The Assam Tribune has mentioned about the #HathrasCase on its national page at 3. Thank you @Arpita0019 🙏
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