So, to clear confusion. Parademons did not just appear on earth. They were invited here. SW does not just appear & is granted access to earth because the mother box were awaken. Parademons come first and activate the boxes. Remember, CYBORG is a SUPER COMP of APOKOLIPS (1)
So, Parademons would actually be hunting the mother boxes and searching the earth for them, and at the same time they are being led by CYBORG, which again is a direct connection with a mother box, because he was born by it. We see this in the first Zack JL Trailer. Next ...(2)
...Superman sacrifices himself in BVS. His scream is a "SIGNAL" sent through the universe. SW hears it & communicates through the kryptonian ship to Lex about the mother boxes and how they work. [That is also a nod that Kryptonian tech and Apokoliptian tech are similar 😉] (3)
SW would not need to communicate to LEX about MOTHER BOXES, if he could just pop in right after SUPERMANS death. The boxes need to be activated. They are now awake and like Lex said, "They heard it, among the stars". But, why am I telling you all this? (4)
The reason why is because, what followed after BVS? #SuicideSquad. This film is a direct sequel and sets up ZSJL, well, that was the plan, right? Well, Enchantress was building a Magical BOOM TUBE to bring SW here; however, the skwad stopped her and interfered but (5)
Something came through. We know this because of the JL film. Even in the 2017 JL, a really bad open to the film, & an overweight Ben Affleck as Batman is hunting a "PARADEMON", but where did he come from? The original idea was Batman investig. kidnappings that lead to cocoons (6)
Now, ZSJL is coming 2021, but that still does not connect BVS to ZSJL. A nice prequel to fill that gap & with a vision that has never been seen before the way it was intended, with #DavidAyersSuicideSquad. Again, this is still part of the story & connects the missing dots. (6)
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