We waited for 4 days with the hope that our media, police,Govt, Administration or politician will tell us the truth abt #HathrasCase .But they lack the spine to go against the established narrative. So we are here to get the truth and bring the truth to you.
#HathrasTruthExposed https://twitter.com/KDJhaMRA/status/1311689566856843265
Rikchaw wala ,Panwala , Auto driver , passengers everyone I met till now knows the truth . They speak the truth but the moment we ask them to say it on record an uneasy silence prevails and they gt too uncomfortable and scared .
What kind of hatred and fear we created in society
So the story is , Name of the brother of the girl is Sandeep and name of the accused is also Sandeep . As per vilagers in her statement girl named her brother but they manipulated it to frame the accused boy .What a conspiracy .What a trap
All accused arrested ,25 lacs compensation by govt ,Govt Job , House nd CBI enquiry nd many more frm different political parties and organisation .Now what else they demanding . अखिलेश यादव ज़िंदाबाद that's all they want . Yahi hai justice .
#HathrasTruthExposed #हाथरस_का_सच
Again same narration.जब सच्चाई सब जानते हैं फिर ये झूठ की आग किसने फैलाई ।लोग कह रहे हैं कि लड़की को उसके भाई ने मारा था लेकिन उसकी हालत ऐसी नहीं थी कि उसकी मौत हो जाए .लोगों का आरोप है कि @BJP4India के सांसद Rajvir Diler ने ये आग लगाई और इसमें अलीगढ़ हॉस्पिटल के लोग भी शामिल है
And the worst started hapening .Two groups clashing outside Bulgadhi. While one is demanding justice for girl another is demanding release of innocent boys . Because of our efforts today many media houses are trying to cover the version of boys side also .
ये खेत जहां दुर्लभ गैंग रैप की तथाकथित घटना घटी ।मा बाहर घास काट रही थी और 5 कदम दूर चार लोगों ने लड़की का गैंग रैप कर दिया। मा को भनक भी नहीं लगी ?रेप जैसे संगीन अपराध का तमाशा बना के रख दिया गया है ।Thanx to @BJP4India MP Rajvir Diler and #BhimArmy
Police nt allowing nyone to go beyond Highway .Bt they allowed us after requesting .Village is calm nd peaceful like nuthing happened.Locals almost forgt it. It's only politicians frm outside who wanna keep the chingari alive
#HathrasTruthExposed #हाथरस_का_सच #हाथरस_फर्जी_रेपकेस
और ये ठाकुर की हवेली।जी ये लड़के इतने अमीर हैं कि इन्होंने पूरी UP सरकारऔर @Uppolice पुलिस को खरीद लिया।The moment we talk abt Thakur people think they are rich like Ambani nd cruel like Amrish Puri of Hindi Films. Bt that's jst a myth.
#HathrasTruthExposed #हाथरस_का_सच
This is the house of the victim which is relatively much bigger nd better than those of accused.This piece of disputed land which is in possession of Girl's family is the real reason fr the enemity between the families
#HathrasTruthExposed #हाथरस_का_सच #हाथरस_कांड_बिकाऊ_मीडिया
Nd by the end of the day we able to speak to the Father of the main accused Sandeep.A modest farmer whom many frm media nd people like @SwatiJaiHind called darinda and by all names . Pls hear the side of the darinda thakur too
#HathrasCase #हाथरस_का_सच #HathrasKaSachVsSiyasat
He clearly said if my son is culprit Lynch him the way you want . But if he is innocent pls give him justice . He is demanding narco test and unbiased investigation . His son was in a relationship with the girl and both the family were against it
#हाथरस_का_सच #HathrasCase
I tried to ask the Father of the girl tat wat he want as justice now as all accused gt arrested ,CBI enquiry ordered ,25 lacs, one house nd govt job to family too gt announced. Bt instead of getting an answer few people suddenly cm saying his blood pressure gt abnormaly high .
Case is full of conspiracy theories .There is another theory tat the condition of the girl was never bad enough to cause death. Villagers alleged tat some conspiracy happened at Aligarh Hospital or in ambulance while she gt shifted to Safdurjung hospital
And last but not the least this old woman is having immense trust in system that justice will be meted out to her family .I am sure our Govt, Police ,Judiciary and Media will shatter her hope for sure but still I wish that it shall nt happen .
#HathrasTruthExposed #हाथरस_का_सच
I like to conclude with two lines,
The mood at victim's house is celebratory and happening with house full of excited relatives like sm function is there whereas at the house of accused it's tensed, scary and filled with grim and uncertainity .
#HathrasTruthExposed #हाथरस_का_सच
These tweets may nt save these boys but it will surely ensure that #HathrasCase will not be remembered as another #NirbhayaCase.
We have to demand #JusticeForIndiasDaughters bt at the same time we have to ask for #JusticeForIndiasSons too. Let there be #Justice4All
जय महाकाल
May be the main accused #Sandeep in the #HathrasCase is innocent on charges of Gang Rape and murder but he is guilty of a bigger crime .To go against the wish nd warning of family to be with a girl. Today he reached so close to be hanged because of his #बॉलीवुडिया_मुहब्बत
Out of the 3 people named in #HathrasGangRape with Sandeep 2 are his चाचा।अगर दो चाचा अपने भतीजे के साथ मिलकर एक लड़की का सामूहिक बलात्कार कर सकते हैं तो फिर लड़की का भाई आरोपी क्यों नहीं हो सकता?
#हाथरस_का_सच #HathrasTruthExposed #कोंग्रेस_की_साजिश_हाथरस #SaveOurDaughters
The number of the girl was saved in the phone of the accused boy Sandeep as "Sanitisser".
भाई प्यार करो लेकिन ऐसा प्यार ना करो की कुल खानदान,मां बाप ,गांव समाज सबका विद्वंश हो जाए।Beware of #बॉलीवुडिया_मुहब्बत ,ये सब फिल्मों में ही अच्छा लगता है।Real life is like Hathras nd Unnao
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