Just finished Max Brooks' bigfoot book 'Devolution'. Brooks wrote World War Z - this is a little similar in that it's a collection of first hand accounts. First off, I loved it, and think you need to get it. I'm not big on 'appropriation' talk BUT https://www.amazon.ca/Devolution-Firsthand-Account-Sasquatch-Massacre/dp/1984826786
I'm kind of big on the concept of bigfoot, as I've noted elsewhere, The place where I write, is next to a mask of Dzunukwa - who is the female bigfoot, mother of mosquitos. Bigfoot, or rather Sasquatch is one of the few words from our language that is known in English.
I'm building my house in the home territory of bigfoot - next to the forest that separates Kwantlen territory from Sts'Ailes territory. This is the symbol of Sts'Ailes FYI:
I started listening to it with a cringe, worrying about it being lame & appropriatey, but I was impressed. I don't want to get too much into details because it's a good book, but if you're issues about it-as the only person that cares about appropriation & this issue, it's fine.
I can't wait till they make it into a movie, that somehow ends up being all about Ogopogo and doesn't mention bigfoot himself even once.
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