It's clear Lindsey Graham is not prepared to debate and is completely rattled to have to do it.

Jaime Harrison is not messing around with anyone who was close to #TyphoidTrump

Check out his plastic booth
Lindsey Graham's mic isn't working and honestly, I do not think we are missing anything.
LOL Graham says that any President should be able to nominate someone during their 4 year term and that terms are not 3 1/2 years.

Merrick Garland would like to have a word, sir.

Jaime Harrison is a REALLY good debater

Harrison HAMMERING Graham for pushing on SCOTUS while South Carolina is suffering financially - businesses closing, people losing jobs, etc.

GET HIM #SouthCarolina
LOL Graham is WHINING about why Harrison getting so much more than him.

"They hate me. Liberals hate my guts."

"They are trying to take me out"


Kisses Trump's ass, pushes the whole opens borders lie.


GUYS I cannot get over how much he just whined. I have never heard this level of whining in a debate.

He sounds like he lost already.

Harrison has answers. He is calm. He is good.

Graham is just...whining.

"I'm with the cops. If there is any doubt. I am with the cops"

Everytime Harrison asks Graham a question about cops, Graham spins to Tim Scott and says "he is a black Senator and he has a bill" or something

Graham is actually giving a great answer on the HBCU and the new educational program at a college.

"You can limit my term if you want on November 3rd"

~ Graham

TRUE #SouthCarolina
I am tired of hearing both candidates talking about their grandparents.


Very direct question about Medicaid/ACA from a man who has the best radio voice I have ever heard, so I suspect he is a tv/radio guy.

Oh god - Bernie Socialized Medicine is Grahams complaint.

Lindsey Graham - "The green new deal is're going to do away with cars and cows"


Graham: "I voted for Kagan and Sotomayer and got the crap beat of me"

"The people running the Democratic party today are NUTS. They want to take away your healthcare. They want to expand the Supreme Court. They want to pack the courts"


Harrison "The first thing you should learn is not to call the other side 'nuts'"

My god, Graham is SPIRALING.

Jesus Christ, Graham is hammering Harrison for having *STUDENT LOAN* and I cannot explain to you how badly this reads as a viewer.

Graham: "An African American can be a Senator. Just ask Tim Scott"



I cannot get over how nuts Lindsey Graham sounds.

Graham "I make $175,000 and I..."

(mic cut)


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