Lindsey Graham is debating Jamie Harrison on CSPAN right now and looking terrified.
Jamie Harrison with plexiglass to protect himself from Lindsey Graham. Striking visual.
Lindsey Graham fumbling with his words and blaming China for the Coronavirus, and on the economic recovery asking “who do you trust. Trump or the liberal Democrats?”

I trust the people who aren’t hospitalized right now with COVID out of their own recklessness.
Jamie Harrison: 750,000 people are unemployed in South Carolina and @LindseyGrahamSC said “over my dead body” to extending unemployment benefits.
Lindsey Graham promising Amy Coney Barrett will be on the Supreme Court and saying it is to protect the country from radical left Democrats.
Here’s @harrisonjaime wiping the floor with @LindseyGrahamSC on his hypocrisy regarding the Supreme Court confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett.
More telling than anything... Senator Graham’s demeanor, squirming, flustered.
On the issue of social security, @harrisonjaime once again using @LindseyGrahamSC’s own words against him while the Senator uncomfortably squirms and rocks back and forth. #SCDebate
“This is not about Mr. Harrison. This is about liberals hating my guts.... the reason you’re seeing these ads is because they’re trying to take me out.” - @LindseyGrahamSC, speaking some truth.
. @harrisonjaime, drags a fumbling, nervous @LindseyGrahamSC on the issue of his term limit flip-flopping, before turning straight to camera and pledging to never lie to the people of South Carolina. Powerful.
Lindsey Graham keeps referring to himself in the third person. #SCDebate
Question about bipartisanship.

@LindseyGraham proceeds to call Democrats “nuts” and fear-monger.

Watch @HarrisonJaime absolutely destroy Senator Graham on his divisive answer and compare it to teaching a 6-year-old.

This is most powerful answer of the night.

Here’s @mmpadellan with all the information you need to #voteathome in #SouthCarolina! #votebymail #DemCastSC @DemcastUSA
. @LindseyGrahamSC on @JoeBiden:
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