It’s only been five years of Trump coverage. So perhaps we should forgive the national press for being fooled by the Trump game once again. [THREAD]
Everyone from the @WSJ to @CNN is running some version of “White House doctors issue confusing accounts” of Trump’s condition and treatments.
That’s exactly what the White House wants you to do. So congratulations.
Look, Dr. Conley did not screw up by standing in front of cameras, spouting platitudes and half-truths, for the cameras. All the print journalists transcribed his comments obediently.

That was his job: Creat clips for Fox and Facebook.
And the doctors (or whomever) who “leaked” better information later did not screw up. They did their job. And you fell for that as well.
The second source of information was meant to generate “Confusion” headlines and Chyron.
“Confusion” becomes the story and the all the pundits on CNN and MSNBC shake their heads over all the lies and misdirection — just like the White House wants.
The White House does not want us to believe anything in particular. They know we won’t. The White House wants everyone to be frustrated and baffled about the “confusion” so there is much less deep analysis of the president’s actual status.
They will do this again tomorrow. Please do not fall for it again.
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