At this point QAnon is branching off into different theories about Trump’s COVID case. Theory 1 was The Storm which many people like CJTRUTH and Major Dad are still on. Theory 2 is “He’ll beat this with HCQ and zinc and show everyone it’s nothing” which is where Praying Medic is.
I think Trump being hospitalized is a horrible sign for him and I doubt we see him campaigning at all for the rest of the election. He will likely need months to recover and even then COVID could have done permanent damage to his body.
Whatever narrative these people are on now they’ll have to slowly move to theory three, which is that this was an attempted assassination of Trump by the Deep State.
The problem with this theory is that once you say that you are saying it’s open season to commit violence. Once you make it clear that the Cabal tried to drop Trump right before the election to stop his 50 State landslide, all bets are offs.
And if Trump were to die from COVID then theory three will be turbo charged and all that can save us is theory four and that is that Trump faked his death to fight the Deep State from the shadows.
The problem with theory four is that it sounds a lot like JFK Jr. Truthering and the QAnon grifter community hates that stuff so their options are either open calls for violence or to embrace something so dumb that they themselves call it dumb.
Either way with each passing day of Trump not bursting out of Walter Reed like the Kool Aid man destroying a wall gets us closer to theory three and some seriously ugly stuff. Theory one will be damaged badly when nothing happens tomorrow because 10/4/20 is their new deadline.
And theory two will not hold water as we get a “once or twice a week” short proof of life video from Trump, if we even get that from him.
Worst of all Q still has yet to weigh in on any of this. Jim Watkins could at a moment throw a match into a room drenched in gasoline by telling us Hope Hicks was a Cabal sleeper who poisoned Trump on Soros’ orders.
I thought things would get bad on November 3rd but it seems the fates have moved up the timeline for when the QAnon madness truly goes off the rails.
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