Why Twitter is bad for the soul but a necessary evil. Follow the thread if you care to. Speaking from my alter ego

I came to Twitter because I was hurt, confused, destroyed with no outlet to vent. I came to tweet because I felt I had important crap to say.
When I cam to Twitter it was just to tweet. I wasn't looking to make friends, act inappropriate, or look for unwanted attention of any kind except through my tweets. I was fortunate to meet some great people who showed the ropes and these are the people you see in my friends list
I earned my reputation the right way through good tweets, positive interactions, and promoting others who deserved promotion, some more so than even myself. I feel honored and appreciative to have over 50k followers of which 99.9% are resisters only.
I take great pride in not seeking follows for follows sake, but even I will follow lists looking for great new resisters. There is a downside to having a lot of followers. There are people competing to have more follows than you when in fact it is not a competition.
You can usually find these people because they have 20k or more followers even as high as 60-70k, but very few traction on what they say because most of their tweets are drama. I wake up many days in a week to security checks due to massive reporting attacks on me
When you see good resisters getting suspended it is because of these people. The same people who cry because you put them on a list with someone else they don't like so they block you. It's why people like me have an alt. In case they get me.
I have no problem with people doing Twitter how they want, but there are many people who claim to be resisters who are just dangerous. You have to watch everything you say in your tweets or your DM's or any rooms you may be in because people capture your words against you
Twitter can be one media cesspool full of mean girls and DH boys. People form little groups who's sole purpose is to try and take down other resisters using alts so they look like goody two shoes on their main account. Make no mistake, they are not good people. Its exhausting.
You really can't make friends because you can't really trust anyone. Im just a teacher, a veteran, and a patriot trying to do something good. I'm no better than anyone else on Twitter, yet the bigger I get the more unhappier I get.
Twitter has damaged my soul and my faith in humanity in some cases. People are so petty and can be so mean. I write this as a cautionary tale. Do Twitter for you and no one else. Be careful who you take as friends and remember there is a record of all you do and say
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