tempted to make a website that's just the pokemon type chart. like, that's it. no other clutter. you go to the website and you see the type chart. the end.
other websites right now got the type chart with a ton of extraneous information all around it that's distracting af. imagine a website that was literally just the type chart displayed in a responsive way and the url was just like, http://pokemontypechart.com  (that url is taken tho)
there's no real reason for having this, you could just go on google and look at any one of the million images of the pokemon type chart that exist 😂 but imagine if your site became *the* site people went to for type referencing
you could use JS to make the chart have some nice hidden features under the hood too, like if you click on a type, it'll highlight the row/column for you. click on it again and it'll highlight the super effective cells only. click again to highlight not very effective cells. etc.
but also, it should allow for type stacking somehow. fighting a pokemon that's steel/ground and need to very quickly figure out its type weaknesses? design a UI that makes this super easy to do
existing type charts are static images/tables that only deal with single types. imagine a dynamic type chart that at first just looks like the basic type chart, but you build in functionality to make it even more useful in practice
and then on top of all that, put it on a website that has **nothing else** on it, so people remember how clean and straightforward the page is, and know to come back to it bevause it's clean, direct, and useful. many people re-google for the type chart anyways
my idea for this: allow the user to click on the type headings for columns, and create a final column at the end that displays the combined type of the last two columns clicked. use JS to populate this column based on the single-type matchups. done.
so, you'd be in a timed battle on pkmn showdown and need to remember the type matchups for a psychic/fighting pokemon. go to this website, click the psychic and fighting column headers, and voila, the last column now shows all the type matchups for it. would be nice.
superior than googling "(name of pokemon) weakness" because you can stay on one page and trust that the type matchup is correct, without scrolling through tons of other info. and far more practical than looking at a static table and trying to figure it out yourself on the fly.
this thread brought to you by: google thinks salamence is a type. thanks, google. 😂😂
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