hi, take some time to read the carrds and tweets linked in this thread!
even if you have a "low" amount of followers, you still have an audience and a voice. help and share these with your moots and irls! take care everyone
before i link carrds about Latin America, please be aware of this! you have a voice, use it https://twitter.com/rckyho/status/1312270151237218304
pls!! as nico said, be cautious of the content that could trigger you https://twitter.com/oshkq/status/1312374020734619650
tw // rape - India! https://twitter.com/lovelimiese/status/1312414907887828993
black lives matter every single day!! if you don't already do it, i suggest you to often check if there are carrds, donations or petitions you haven't seen before
- http://blmsites.carrd.co 
- http://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co 
tw // rape, violence, police brutality - India! https://twitter.com/taylors_loverxx/status/1311368441920536576
tw // rape, mentions of police brutality - India! https://twitter.com/tenbunn/status/1312385919769477120
Venezuela! https://twitter.com/parkjkyj01/status/1312397712554369024
India! - please please please check this thread https://twitter.com/yanglixwrld/status/1312437978866749440
tw // rape, police brutality, violence
India! - i found this thread very helpful https://twitter.com/y4ngvism/status/1312398863962005504
Palestine - it's not because the tl "stopped" talking about it that the issue is over!! please remember that!! http://free-palestine.carrd.co 
ways to help! https://twitter.com/delicatejwy/status/1312482206707671040
tw // suicide, police brutality
Poland! https://twitter.com/din0kino/status/1312493639709282305
tw // rape, murder
India! - this is another really helpful thread, please check it https://twitter.com/aiiuretaeyong/status/1312401984150929409
please use these hashtags to raise awareness, and remember to add some text so it doesn't get counted as spam
and here's a petition you can sign http://chng.it/GPVFDm6tpp 
tw // feminicides , death , sexual assault , physical assault , rape - Mexico! https://twitter.com/izglbs/status/1312500861210255361
tw // fire , death - Paraguay! https://twitter.com/jkstilltae/status/1311728967922200577
tw // suicide , homophobia , bullying
Poland! - please check the infos and links of this thread https://twitter.com/milfsan/status/1312504822608785408
tw // fire - Brazil! https://twitter.com/chnsolo/status/1312506388313038848
tw // fire
Ukraine! https://twitter.com/wenriluvr/status/1312383184026337282
tw // fire , fires , environmental crisis
Argentina! - some petitions you can sign and infos #ArgentinaEnLlamas https://twitter.com/meerlock/status/1312369297008873472
here's a thread of petitions!! https://twitter.com/sunwonara/status/1312495790498086913
tw // domestic abuse , rape , murder , body disintegration
Puerto Rico! - please read this thread and the carrd linked to it https://twitter.com/comforttae/status/1312548701718679552
tw // kidnapping , murder
Puerto Rico! - another helpful thread, please share it with your moots and irls https://twitter.com/winwinnit/status/1312498812229873664
Honduras! - there are ways to help in the quoted tweet https://twitter.com/00ICARUS/status/1288327724004589568
so you maybe saw it, but the user i quoted before linking carrds about Latin America went private. the tweet was saying that the petitions for latam don't work or help!! raising your voice and educating yourself are the most helpful things you can do!!
Armenia! https://twitter.com/anigyulinyan/status/1310241701789872135
More about Venezuela! - with many helpful links https://twitter.com/aussiepasta/status/1312549349365354497
More about Latin America! - please read this thread https://twitter.com/thinkabtkhj/status/1312691117616435201
tw // death , police abuse , police brutality , rape , murder , murders
Colombia! https://twitter.com/generationcamz/status/1303757863618215936
Venezuela! - this carrd was already linked in a thread about Venezuela, but in case you didn't read it i'm going to link it here as well http://venezuela.carrd.co 
lil reminder!! you don't have to read all of them at once, but pls remember to check and read the carrds and threads linked.
also take care of yourself, we don't want u to feel overwhelmed. educate yourself at ur own rhythm. you're already helping a lot by sharing those links <3
another reminder!! don't use my thread as your only way to educate yourself. the links in this thread sure are helpful, but take the time to do your own research as well, and to share any good articles or links you found to your moots !and! irls https://twitter.com/chgiiri/status/1312838659989819392
tw // homophobia , violence , death , murder , harassment , hate crimes
Bulgaria! https://twitter.com/gerito_power/status/1312425508299300869?s=21
Indonesia! https://twitter.com/markcvlt/status/1313126305278246913?s=20
tw // islamophobia , hate language , rape , torture
please check this thread everyone https://twitter.com/ateezluvvvv/status/1313064789216759808?s=20
in case you need it!! it's safe /srs https://twitter.com/ROGERTAYL0RS/status/1272307242596020225?s=20
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