Let's correct some facts, NYT:

1. Rusesabagina is not charged with minimizing or denying genocide and never has been.

2. Criminal investigations of him since 2010 have all related to support of illegal armed groups. That's what he's on trial for. https://twitter.com/Lattif/status/1312394574330028033
3. Rusesabagina does not deny forming an armed group (MRCD/FLN). He took credit before his arrest and admitted it again in pre-trial hearings this month. His defense is that he did not personally direct the attacks that killed 9 civilians in 2018. Let's wait for the trial.
4. Starting in 2007, Rusesabagina began claiming RPF itself had secretly masterminded the genocide against the Tutsi. Yes, GOR contested that. It's classic genocide denialism and everyone should expect GOR to always label it as such.

Listen for youself: https://www.wbez.org/stories/rwanda-a-reconciliation-still-tenuous-a-decade-after-genocide/7dc315a8-6c0b-4ba4-9c9d-5265bb59ebab?player=open
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