Final commentary and then I’m dropping this out of sheer sadness. There is one crucial difference between my current profession of medicine and my previous one of aviation. In medicine, the person at risk is a stranger. In aviation, it’s you the pilot (among others). 1/
Professional pilots don’t spend lots of time thinking about aviation ethics. In fact, it’s silly. We just want to get home and not hurt ourselves and a bunch of other people. In medicine, it’s rare that the doctor is truly at risk. This is why medical ethics are so important. 2/
The detachment of risk is what needs to be overcome with intensive long term ethical training. Trust me, @AmyGDalaMD wouldn’t be wishing for @realDonaldTrump’s death if she was the pilot of his aircraft even if she hated what he stood for. 3/
It’s also why I will never ever fly in a remotely or AI piloted aircraft. Like @DempMcgee that’s when I walk away. As an aside, AI is wonderful. I’m installing a modern digital autopilot in my plane this fall. It can do almost everything. 4/
It’s not called that but it’s definitely an AI in that black box. It can fly approaches, recover from unusual attitudes, protect against stalls, etc. However, it’s not human. I want a human with self awareness sitting up there. An AI doesn’t care if it screws up. 5/5
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