Germane to @TheAtlantic’s new doc abt white supremacists:

Oprah‘s story of realizing that she was wrong to have neo-Nazis on her show in 1986.

She thought it wd encourage conversation, & finding common ground. No. Turned out tape of the show became a Nazi recruiting tool.
1986. Oprah was already doing deplatforming and abandoning the notion that everyone should get a hearing (and a flight to Chicago, hotel room, & limo to the set).

This recognition of the limits of “free speech” is a version of the principles of European anti-fascism.
As you can see also in the NXIVM doc, The Vow, twisted violent cults are ALWAYS looking for a mainstream benediction. And of course well-produced vanity video they can circulate to bring in new blood.
I haven’t seen WHITE NOISE. I bet it’s riveting. But the trailer alone supplies a whole lot of vanity shots of some of the worst people on earth.

Who doesn’t want these as beauty headshots to hand out to aspiring Nazis, with the photo credit: The Atlantic?
Not to mention that in the trailer these white supremacists say they want:

1. likes & attention
2. to be “household names.”

The Atlantic comes through for on their demands, I guess.
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