No stupid. I’ll explain it to you. @TheRickWilson @reedgalen @stuartpstevens @ProjectLincoln @anneapplebaum the quote is about the moral cowardice of people like you. It’s about collaboration. It was written by a Lutheran Minister named Martin Niemoller. He welcomed the fall of
the Weimar Republic and the rise of Nazism. He stood idly by until he became a regime target. He wound up in Dachau and was liberated by US. Forces and became a leading voice around national penance in post war Germany. Great damage has been done to this country by Trump and
the gaggles of dishonest propagandists who abet the lies, conspiracies, divisions, racial animus and assaults on our most important institutions. You are one of those people. A quisling. The Proud Boys are a heavily armed fascist movement. They believe TRUMP told them to lock
And load. Do you have anything to say about that? What about his intimations of violence around an election he loses? Do you have any outrage over Trump’s lying to the American people over how deadly Covid is? Do you have any rage over the fact that if US mortality rates
were the same as Germany’s 150,000 more of us would be alive? Why are you an apologist for the corruption and illiberalism? FDR said judge me by my my enemies. I am happy to be yours. Look at your comrades. Ann Coulter, Alex Jones, Sebastian Gorka, Paul Manafort, Roger Stone,
Mark Levin, the Proud Boys, and the vile list goes on and on. Trump is going to lose. Big time. @DBarkhuff @FPWellman
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