$TSLA's 2020 experience in the EU is a preview to what's about to happen globally. It was the first year when strict new EU emissions regulations forced Europe's best OEMs to seriously enter the market. When they did, $TSLAQ quickly went from disruptor to temporary fad:
Of course, the $TSLAQ cultists will point towards the pandemic disruption, logistics hell, etc. But the truth is, $TSLA's EU sales collapse started in January and progressed through March, even before COVID lockdowns. It was always about competition, not the pandemic.
When activity resumed and European EV sales went to new record highs, $TSLAQ remained stuck in the mud. We can see this most clearly in $TSLA's collapsing EU market share - which shows no sign of recovery.

In short, welcome to competition hell. $TSLA is a fad, not a disruptor.
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