#Azerbaijan, hear this. The myth that you could take Artsakh through war, the one the Aliyev regime fed you, is shattered. Your armies are broken, ours are getting stronger by the day. Stop before your government sends you in "human waves" to die, like the 1993 Summer Offensive.
2,290 servicemen KILLED
3,600 servicemen WOUNDED

247 tanks/IFVs DESTROYED
39 other armored equipment DESTROYED
13 helicopters DOWNED
14 aircraft DOWNED
2 BM-30 Smerch DESTROYED

How much more have you got? Wake up. It's over. #ArtsakhStrong
And whatever fairytales your government paints for you.

Yeah, we see a couple of sociopaths right in this thread delighting in images of death and destruction - it is war, with enough death and destruction to sate those.

If you want to be sheep - I shall indulge you.
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